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20 ft Chris Craft Riviera for sale 1953 20' Chris Craft Riviera for Sale

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Rebuilt Classic Chris Craft Engines
6 CylinderRebuilt Inboard Chris Craft Engine Ready to Ship

Rebuilt Hercules 6 Cylinder Engines:

Rebuilt Classic V8 Engines
Chevy 283 V8, Chevy 327, Chevy 350
Ford Interceptor, Chrysler Hemi and More

Shipping to USA, Canada, Europe
We will ship your vintage rebuilt engine by land or sea. Free shipping one-way in the continental U.S. No sales tax when shipped out of state.

Trade in Your Old Marine Engine

We will ship your rebuilt engine on a pallet, as pictured above, and you can use the same pallet to ship your trade-in back to us. We pay the shipping on the rebuilt engine going to you, and you pay the shipping on the trade-in coming back. When you are ready to send your trade-in, we will email you a YRC bill-of-lading with most of the fields filled in. All you have to do is fill in the weight, which you will obtain from the forklift driver at the depot when you drop off your engine. You can even use our YRC account (for about a 75% discount), and reimburse us later.

Want to Keep Your Same Engine?
No problem! Just build a pallet and crate similar to the one pictured above and send it off to us. Again, we will provide the shipping paperwork. You pay the freight to get it here and we pay the return shipping anywhere in the continental U.S. Build your crate with 2 x 10s and secure it to any standard wooden pallet.. Screws work better than nails. Cover with heavy clear poly, and staple it down. Use your motor mounts to secure the engine to the crate. We will return them to you. If you want new motor mounts, we can install them at additional cost.

For Your Information
About your rebuilt Chris Craft engine

Vintage Boat Engine Information
Torque Sequences for Chris Craft motors:
Model A and B
Model K, KL, KFL, KLC, KBL
Model M, ML, MBL, MCL

Not sure if your engine needs rebuilding?
Call Mitch for trouble shooting advice.

Monday - Friday
10 am - 6 pm Central Time