Torque Sequence
Chris Craft 4-cylinder engines
Model A and Model B

Torque Sequence Chris Craft Model B 4 cylinder

Mitch LaPointe's
Classic Chris Craft Engines

Note: We do not offer model A or B engines for sale, or sell parts for them, but this information is offered for your convenience.
If your model B engines goes bad, talk to Mitch about replacing it with a 95 h.p. Model K

Start at the inside, and work your way out. If you buy a rebuilt engine from us, it will come to you with a new head gasket, and the head will already be torqued for the first time. Run the engine in your shop before installing it in the boat, and as soon as it reaches running temperature, torque it for a second time. After you launch the boat, run it for about 15 minutes at 1000 RPM in order to reach running temperature, and then torque it the 3rd time. If you wait too long, you may blow the head gasket.

Note about running the engine in your shop:
DO NOT HOOK A GARDEN HOSE TO YOUR WATER INTAKE. This creates too much pressure, and you will get water in your oil. Instead, run your garden hose to a bucket, and run a second shorter hose from your engine to the bucket. This way, your engine can draw water at its own speed, as in the lake.