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Torque Your Head
See the links to the torque sequences below. If you bought your engine from us, it came to you with the head already torqued for the first time. Run the engine in your shop before you install it in the boat. After it has warmed up, torque it for the second time.

K, KL, KFL, KLC and KBL: torque to 65 foot pounds
M, ML, MBL, MCL: torque to 75 foot pounds

After you launch the boat, run it for about 15 minutes at 1000 RPM, then torque for the 3rd time. If you wait too long, you may blow you head gasket.

Test-Running Engine
If you run the engine in the shop, DO NOT ATTACH A HOSE to the water intake. You will get water in the oil and possibly blow the head gasket if you do this. Instead, run your garden hose to a bucket of water, and run a second shorter hose from the bucket to the water pump on the engine. The engine will be able to draw its own water as needed. You do not want to blow your head gasket, as they are not available locally, and they are rather expensive.

Use 30w non-detergent oil, 6-8 quarts.

Setting the Timing
You must be in the water to set the timing. Run the boat at full throttle and advance the timing until the engine pings, then back off just a little. It takes two people to do this.

Water in the Oil
Get your manifold pressure-tested. Check your manifold end-cap and gasket. Check the oil cooler by pressure-testing.

Spark Plugs
Champion J6 or J8. If your boat fouls the J6's, then try J8's, as they are a little hotter.

Break-in Period
Run the boat at various speeds the first 50 hours. No top-end long distance running. No idling for long distances. It will take about 50 hours for your engine to break in.

Torque Sequences for Chris Craft Models
Model A and B
Model K, KL, KFL, KLC, KBL
Model M, ML, MBL, MCL