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20' Chris Craft Custom Runabout 1946

Very good condition Custom Runabout with beautiful new decks, newer upholstery and fresh bottom paint. You'll be looking good in this very collectible model with folding windshield and nicely done blonde decks. Chris-Craft 130 hp "M" engine, has been painted, detailed, started and run in our shop. Trailer included. $39,500. (31j)

Classic Boat Financing is available for this boat.

20' Chris Craft Custom Runabout

  Note the unique folding windshield on the 20' Custom Runabout. It's great to feel the wind in your face on a really hot day. This windshield folds forward to either side of the central vent on the font deck. Two clasps on the deck hold it in place.  

20 ft Chris Craft Custom Runabout
classic boats - 1946 20' Custom Runabout

  The name has already been removed from the transom, ready for you to name! You really need to see this in person, but notice how the transom curves from side to side and how the tumblehome slants from top to bottom. This is an especially beautiful detail on the 20' Chris Craft Custom Runabouts.  

Classic Boats - 20 ft Chris-Craft Custom Runabout
  Check out the beautiful new decks.  

Chris Craft 20' Custom Runabout
Classic Boats - 20' Custom Runabout 1947
Classic Boats - 20' Custom
  Unlike most post-war Chris Craft runabouts, the 20' Custom Runabout had double hatches over the engine. Note the hatch trim piece.  

Classic Boats - 20' Custom Runabout
Classic Boats - 20' Chris-Craft Custom Runabout Wooden Boat

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