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1940 19 ft Chris-Craft Barrel Back Custom Runabout  1940 19' Chris Craft Custom Runabout Barrel-Back for Sale

1954 19' Chris Craft Racing Runabout split cockpit for sale

1954 19' Chris Craft Racing Runabout for Sale

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1930 - 1932 38' Hacker Craft Triple Cockpit Runabout for Sale

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Complete Restoration Services

Our expert team stands ready to manage all aspects of your antique and classic wooden boat restoration and maintenance needs. We can accomodate classic boats up to 42 feet in length and 14 feet in height. Whether you are contemplating a keel-up restoration or just a few coats of varnish, we will be happy to discuss your project.

Structural Restoration

60 - 80 year old antique boats often need important structural repairs or replacement before proceeding to cosmetic restoration. Our team will spend several hours going over your boat, and Mitch will give you a written list of findings and recommendations.

Cosmetic Restoration

This is the fun part! Our customers are always excited to see shiny new varnish, sparkling new chrome, restored gauges and new leather or vinyl upholstery.

Mechanical & Electrical Systems

Not good with wrenches? Let us do it for you! We are experts with engine rebuilding and installation, wiring, 12 volt upgrades, plumbing, sound systems, underwater gear, air conditioning and electronic upgrades.

Chris Craft Commander restoration project
We can accomodate your boat up to 14 ft in height and 42 ft in length.
Pictured above is a 35' Chris-Craft Commander that got a new roof, new decks, upholstery, dinette, sofa, galley, v-berth, head and all new mechanical and electrical systems.

Getting ready for a new cabin roof
Above: Getting ready for the new cabin roof

The varnish booth
Above: 1956 19' Capri "Muskoka" in the varnish booth
The owner, a NY resident, bought a 19' Capri from our inventory and had us do some upgrades. We installed a rebuilt 350 V8 engine with heat exchangers for salt water use.

New gold leaf name on transom
Above: "Muskoka" is ready to travel to her new owner in NY.
Looking good with her new gold leaf name and fresh bottom paint. The wood wedges on the bottom serve to keep the bow from porpoising at full throttle.

The maiden voyage
Above: "Muskoka" heads out on her maiden voyage off Long Island, NY.

Major project, needs all new mahogany wood
Above: "Blondie," a 1948 20' Chris-Craft Custom Runabout
Blondie has not been in the water since 1969. She will be getting a new bottom, sides, decks, upholstery, wiring, instrument restoration, chroming, steering wheel restoration and a better trailer. She still has her original factory finish, which is wearing a bit thin.

The original Chris Craft name is stil on the sides
The original Chris*Craft hand-painted logos are still on the sides

New keel
Checking the fit of Blondie's new keel.

Adding outer bottom planks
New BS1088 plywood inner hull is the first step for a "5200" bottom.
The original Chris-Craft bottoms were two layers: diagonal planking for the inner layer and lengthwise planking for the outer. Planking requires an expansion space, so planked bottoms have to be soaked before use. Plywood does not require an expansion space, therefore boats with 5200 bottoms can be dry launched. The name "5200" comes from the 3M caulk used to glue the two layers together.

Cutting new planks
Fitting port bottom planks.

1948 17' Chris Craft Deluxe Runabout
All she needs is new upholstery, wiring and a lot of varnish. See below.

Applying additional varnish coats
Mmmmm, that fresh varnish smells good!

The completed project
All done! The camera likes her!