Sorry, we don't sell parts, but maybe these resources will prove helpful...

Part of the adventure of restoring a classic boat is finding all those needed parts. We do not sell parts, but it is our hope that this page will get you off to a good start. Please do not call our office with questions about buying or selling parts!!!

Interlux Filler Stain is available from Jamestown Distributors. Be sure to get the INT-0573p Chris-Craft Red Mahogany color for most Chris-Craft boats. You can also get various color filler stains from, including the Cordova blonde for king planks.

Epifanes Varnish is the best you can get for antique boats. It goes on thicker, shinier and smoother than any other varnish. This is the only varnish we use in our classic boat restoration shop. It will also last about a year longer than anything else you put on your boat. You can roller it on with a black sponge roller, then tip it off with a badger hair brush or a foam brush. China bristle brushes do not work very well. You can also thin it with Epifanes SBP and spray it. Available at Jamestown Distributors and

Missing Deck Hardware can be obtained from various parts dealers or from Ebay.

Missing Windshields can be replaced through Classic Boat Connecion 507-344-8024

Tune-up parts are available from NAPA or Classic Boat Connection..

Flags and Flag Poles
Classic Boat Connection 507-344-8024
Classic Boat Hardware 651-248-7314

Classic Boat Connection 507-344-8024

Upholstery Kits
We get asked about this all the time, but we do not know of any upholstery kits other than for Century and Riva.
If you Google "Century Upholstery Kits" you will find some results.

Canvas Boat Covers
We do not know of any ready-made antique boat covers. But just about every lake community has a canvas shop that makes custom covers.

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