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We stock trailers for classic wooden boats in various sizes from 17 ft on up.

1940 19 ft Chris-Craft Barrel Back Custom Runabout  1940 19' Chris Craft Custom Runabout "Barrel-Back"

1954 19' Chris Craft Racing Runabout split cockpit for sale

1954 19' Chris Craft Racing Runabout

38' Hacker Craft Commuter 1930 - 1932

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Classic Boat Restoration Shop30 Years of Sales and Service

Mitch buys and sells classic mahogany boats like Chris Craft, Hacker Craft, Garwood and Century. He travels all over the U.S. picking up and delivering boats from our central showroom and restoration shop location in Minnesota.

Our restoration shop can handle your service, maintenance and repair needs for any antique boat up to 42 feet in length. Our expert shipwrights provide complete boatbuilding services and keel-up restorations, including woodwork, varnish, paint, upholstery, engine rebuilding, mechanical and electrical work.1937 25 ft Chris Craft Triple Cockpit for sale

Our team is ready to discuss your boat or project, so pick up the phone and give us a call today! And remember, if you buy a boat from LaPointes, you even get Mitch's cell number, so you can reach him if necessary on those busy summer boating days.

How We Got Started in the Classic Wooden Boat Business

It was about 1980 when Mitch bought his first woody, a 16 ft Chris-Craft Deluxe Runabout, from his father for $100. His dad had acquired the boat years earlier from the owner who just wanted to sell after it sank. Not realizing that there were other people interested in antique wood boats, he restored that first boat in the garage without the company of other classic boat enthusiasts.

Then, when the boat was almost done Mitch and his wife learned of the existence of the Antique and Classic Boat Society, commonly known by its acronym ACBS. What a revelation that was! Most people in the boat club seemed to have more than one woooden boat, and as Mitch began to attend mettings he started to get in that mindset. Soon, people were calling and offering restorable boats for sale, and he bought every one he could get his hands on. It didn't take long before we realized that he had too many boats, so Mitch went into sell mode. But as soon as one was down the road, another would take its place in our driveway. Things just fell into place and soon we had a truck, trailers and a storage facility.

Our Focus Today
We try to educate our potential customers so they can make the right decisions for their particular situation. The best way to do that is with a quick phone consultation with Mitch or Kathy. We encourage phone calls because we have just as many questions for you as you have for us!

transporting wooden Chris Craft boats
Mitch with 3 Classic Chris Craft Runabouts

We usually haul one or two boats at a time, but once in a while Mitch has a three boat load. He was hauling three boats once, when he used his cell phone to call in information about a really bad driver, and they sent a highway patrol out to nab the guy. After he was down the road a ways, the trooper called back. Mitch was worried that he was in violation of something, but it turned out the officer wanted to ask, "Are those boats for sale?" A couple weeks later he bought one, joined the Antique and Classic Boat Society, and became very much involved in a great new hobby.

LaPointe's Classic Boat & Motor, Inc.
Mitch LaPointe
Brainerd, Minnesota USA


LaPointe's Classic Boat & Motor, Inc.
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