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Will the Trailer Fit in Your Garage?
Remember, the trailer will be longer than the boat. Depending on the manufacturer, it may stick out 2-4 feet farther than the bow of the boat. Our trailers minimize this effect as much as possible, and some have the swing tongue option, which allows about 12 to 18 inches of the tongue to fold out of the way in your garage.

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What Size Ball Is Required for the Hitch?
In the past, 1 7/8" was the standard, but all manufacturers have standardized to 2" hitches today. Because we handle so many boats and trailers, Mitch carries with him three sizes of hitches that are held into the receiver with a pin. It's easy to pull the pin and swap to a different size hitch when necessary.

Classic Boat Trailers
Custom Made for Vintage Antique Boats

Custom Trailers for Wooden Boats Single Axel and Tandem Models

Some of our boats come with nice new trailers, some have junky old homemade trailers, and others have no trailer at all. If you plan to travel much with your boat, or launch it often, you will appreciate a well-designed trailer made with classic wooden boats in mind.

Click here for a trailer measurement sheet.

Our trailers feature a prop cage, adjustable bunks, an extra large carpeted bow stop, guide-ons, diamond-patterned step plates, torsion axles and tongue jacks. They are available with or without brakes, though we order most with brakes these days. Many of our trailers are equipped with folding tongues, which save you a foot or more of space in the garage.

As you may already know, wooden boats can't be loaded onto roller trailers, as the rollers put too much pressure on the bottom. Our adjustable bunk style trailers give the boat good support for winter storage.

Custom Single Axle Trailer for Classic Antique Wooden Boats

Custom Single-Axle Trailers

Featuring a prop cage, adjustable bunks, a carpeted bow stop, guide-ons, diamond-patterned step plates, torsion axles and tongue jacks. Available with or without surge brakes. Available with 2 or 4 bunks.
Tandem Axle Trailers for Antique Classic Wooden Boats

Custom Tandem-Axle Trailers

Equipped with a prop cage, adjustable bunks, a carpeted bow stop, guide-ons, diamond-patterned step plates, torsion axles and tongue jacks. Available with or without surge brakes. All tandem-axle trailers have 4 bunks.
Classic V-Bunk Trailer for wooden boats V-Bunk Trailer for wooden boats

V-bunk trailers work best for cabin cruisers, and we generally have one on hand for any cabin cruiser that we have in inventory.

Why You Want A Decent Trailer
We have launched hundreds of boats in the past 30 years using whatever trailer happened to come with the boat. Unfortunately, some of these trailers were badly designed and led to hair-raising experiences.

Bow Stops
Boat Trailer Bow Stop for Wooden Boats The function of the bow stop is to catch you when you float your boat onto the trailer under power. Some trailers that are made for fiberglass boats have flimsy little bow stops that are easy to miss. That leads to scratching the nose of your beautiful varnished mahogany boat. Those little bow stops work fine for modern fiberglass boats, since they only power the boat part way onto the trailer, then they winch it on by hand the rest of the way. Our trailers have the biggest bow stops we have ever seen, and we love them!!! There are no worries about missing the bow stop, even when loading on a windy day.

Mrs. Mitch really appreciates the guide-ons when she backs the trailers into the water to pick up Mitch. It's much easier to back up a trailer on a ramp when you can actually see the trailer. From the front seat of the pick-up truck, many trailers are not visible at all unless they have a boat on them. But the guide-ons, if present, stand up tall like two beautiful friends. They also help Mitch to line the boat up on the trailer, as the back of the trailer is not visible when under water. Once on the trailer, the guide-ons work to keep the boat from floating sideways. All our custom trailers come with guide-ons, and will make you look like a pro at the boat ramp.

Step Plates
All our custom trailers have step plates. They don't add much to the price, but oh, what a difference they make. You won't be snagging your clothing or collecting bruises when you have a solid place to place your foot.