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We stock trailers for classic wooden boats in various sizes from 17 ft on up.

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How Do I Get My Classic Boat Home?
Ok, you bought it, so now what? Never fear... Mitch delivers! He will also give you a crash course on basic antique and classic boat operating proceedures.

Can I Have it Varnished Before Mitch Delivers?

Yes, if you allow for some lead time. The earlier you reserve your spot in the shop, the better.

Gold leaf name on classic wooden boat

Buy Now For Summer Delivery

Why not have us put a new gold leaf name on the transom, take care of any maintenance details and get your chosen boat ready for Summer delivery?

Do I Need a Boat Lift?

If you live on the lake and you can keep an eye on your boat, a lift is probably unnecessary. But if you will be keeping the boat at a weekend place, a boat lift will give you peace of mind while you are away. If your boat lift has the framework for a canopy top, you can have custom side curtains made to protect against the sun. The side curtains or skirts can also have velcro door openings.

Is Antique Boat Financing Available?
Yes! Call Kathy for information about antique and classic boat financing in all 50 states.

How Much Maintenance is Required?
If you keep your boat out of the sun when not in use, your exterior varnish should be good for 3 years if you use the boat twice a week. Interior varnish lasts much longer, as it does not receive as much direct sunlight. Revarnishing involves removing all the hardware and crash padding (if any), sanding, fixing any proud bungs or broken screws, and generally adding about 3 coats. The actual varnishing only takes 1-2 hours per coat, but the hardware removal, sanding and hardware installation takes around 70 hours. If you want to learn to do this yourself, we are happy to give you some guidance. Of course, you can always have this maintence done in our classic boat restoration shop.

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Ed Grove really gets around
in his new 1940 17' Chris-Craft Barrel-Back from Mitch. This past summer he has already been on Lake Havasu, Big Bear Lake and several lakes in Minnesota. When he stopped in to give us the picture above, I expected to hear the names of all the family members in the boat. Nope... Turns out Ed just met these young ladies. The caption he gave me for the picture is:

"Do not buy a Chris-Craft Barrel-Back Boat unless you can tolerate the attention."
-Ed Grove

Lake Havasu City, AZ., October 17, 2015

I think there is more of a story here, so Ed says he will email me the details. Stay tuned.

Buddy and Sheri out with Mitch for their first ride in their new old 1940 19' Chris-Craft Barrel-Back. Sheri is in the back, holding boat pooch "Cedric." Her sister Marianne is on the left. They had a great time visiting Minnesota and took 1st place in their class at the ACBS Bob Speltz Land-O-Lakes Rendezvous.
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trying out his 20' Chris-Craft Riviera at our place on Lake Minnetonka a few days before the ACBS Land-O-Lakes Rendezvous at Lord Fletcher's restaurant. We enjoyed getting to know Gino for a few days while he was here to see his boat and attend the show.

Gino Says: "Down here, nobody has ever seen one of these. People are stopping by the house because they can see it in my carport. This summer I expect it will get a lot of attention on the lake."
-Gino DuBay, Douglas Lake, TN.

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Daryl and Shelley
pulling into our dock for a visit with their new 1950 18' Riviera. But don't call it Daryl's boat! Shelly was the one who called and bought the boat. Yup, girls like them too.

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Tandem Axle Trailers for Antique Classic Wooden Boats Custom Trailers for Classic Wooden Boats

Quality made trailers feature a prop cage, adjustable bunks, a carpeted bow stop, guide-ons, diamond-patterned step plates, torsion axles and tongue jacks. Available with or without surge brakes. See product detail page for more information.