How to Install a 5200 Bottom, Part 2

Installing a New 5200 Bottom Part 2: Installing the Plywood Inner Hull This series of “How To” articles features Mitch’s personal Chris Craft 20′ Custom Runabout as an example. Go here to see an example of a fully restored 1948 20 ft Chris Craft Custom Runabout.  The new keel was bedded in 5200 and bolted into place before work was […] Read more »

How to Install a 5200 Bottom, Part 1

Installing a New 5200 Bottom Part 1: The Ribs This series of “How To” articles will feature Mitch’s personal 20′ Custom Runabout as an example. Click here to see a fully restored 1948 20′ Chris Craft Custom Runabout. At left is a picture taken from the front of the boat, showing the shape of the ribs from front […] Read more »

Restoring the Head in A Classic Wooden Cabin Cruiser

A Peek into the Restoration Shop This 1953 35′ Chris Craft Commander came into our shop in very well preserved original condition, but everything needed updating. Items to be updated in the head included: New stainless steel sink basin New Cambria Quartz counter top New Vacu-Flush toilet New handcrafted mahogany medicine cabinet New mahogany sliding […] Read more »

How to Varnish Your Classic Boats

How to varnish your boat The first step is to decide whether you will brush or spray. There  are pros and cons to each approach, as I will describe here. Sprayed coats go on thinner, so you have to apply many more coats to get the same film thickness. Also, a great deal of that […] Read more »